Our Response to COVID-19

One of the things we say regularly is that “The Church is not an event you attend, but a family together on mission.” At the moment, with the developments we’re facing related to the Corona Virus in our Country, we have an opportunity to practice being the Church, without our normal, bigger, all together Sunday gatherings.

So, how are we going to do that at the moment?

(Please note, these plans are in ‘pencil’ and are subject to change as things develop).

  • Our Life Group Plan

Our midweek Life Groups will continue to meet together, as long as that is an option for us, for teaching, worship, prayer, communion, meals, and care and encouragement. Just like we normally do.

If you are not currently in a Life Group, you can click on this link, fill in your details and we’ll help you to get connected.

  • Our Sunday Plan

We are going to provide weekly Sunday Content until we are all able to gather together again at Glenwood Prep School on Sundays.

This content will include a short video sermon, kids discipleship content, a worship song playlist and some suggestions for how to worship at Home.

You might choose to use this alone at home, with your roommates, your spouse or family, with your friends, or to gather together as a Life Group weekly or from time to time to go through this content and engage with Jesus together.

Social Distancing doesn’t Mean Relational Distancing. Covid-19 means adjustments to how we do what we do, but this is an excellent opportunity for us all to find different ways of loving one another, checking in, praying for one another, and encouraging one another in community. That might mean using Whatsapp, Video Calls, and smaller get togethers. But let’s not disengage from one another at this time.

  • Resources

We will also be emailing out a Daily Devotional from Monday to Friday from next week, and providing other Blog Posts, Resources and Updates to help us follow Jesus in the time of Corona.

If you are not currently signed up for our email updates, you can click this link.

  • Pastoral Care

If you have pastoral needs over this time, please speak to your Life Group Leaders about those, or email grant@harbourcity.co.za

We would love to pray for you, answer questions and help care for the different needs of the people in our Church at the moment, and over the coming weeks and months.

  • Love Your Neighbour

For each of us, my hope is that after you read this, your question would shift from “How are we going to do Church” to “How are we going to be the Church” and spread Gospel Hope and Gospel Help at this time?

Organically, this is an opportunity for each of us to get creative in ministering to the people around us, out of the love of Jesus. That could be using our words, our deeds, offering prayer, sharing the Gospel, or meeting practical needs.

Organisationally, we have been in contact with medical professionals and organisations in our City to see how we can best serve and help as a Church, and we will keep you posted with ways that we can love the people of Durban well at this time.

  • Prayer

Let’s use this moment in our lives, as a time to turn to God in prayer. To spend time with Jesus, and pray for our City, our Country and our World. And to ask that many would look to Jesus and find Hope and Salvation in the midst of this Global Pandemic.