For the past few months we have found ourselves living in an entirely different world, confronted with a challenge unlike anything we have ever experienced before. 

The Coronavirus has spread around the globe impacting life as we once knew it. Causing sickness and suffering, threatening livelihoods, businesses and economies, and producing uncertainty and chaos everywhere it goes.

It’s in this unprecedented time that we have realized, in increasing measure, our need for God and just how dependent we are on him. It’s in moments like these that we have been reminded that we were never in control of our lives and that we were, instead, always in need of the One who calms the storm bringing his peace and comfort to all who call on him. 

It’s in this season that the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus has become more and more apparent, revealing itself to be the only firm foundation on which we can build our lives, the only sure hope for humanity.

It’s perhaps in these moments that we have found ourselves, weary from the circumstances surrounding us, driven to pray like never before. “Abandoning our reliance on ourselves running toward the rest that can be found only when we rely on the power of God” (Paul Tripp).

As we begin to return to work and school, to studying and to some of the rhythms of life that we have vacated from during this crisis, let us continue to seek him at this time remembering our reliance on him and our need for his power in our lives. Pursuing him as a people of prayer whose eyes are fixed on him, as we continue to ask for his help for ourselves, those we love, and for a world that is in desperate need.

Remembering that prayer is not our last resort, but our first line of defence (Oswald Chambers).

Remembering that prayer is powerful, that it changes situations and circumstances, and that it changes us, helping us to grow in our relationship with God, and in becoming more like him. 

With the above in mind, we have put together a Prayer Guide to assist us as we continue to seek God in prayer at this time.



  • Church Leaders: For wisdom & understanding as they lead & make decisions.
  • Our Church Community: That we would be strengthened & encouraged, despite not being able to gather as we normally would. That incredible creativity would come to life in the church as people consider news ways of being the church at this time.
  • Our Relationships with God: That this would grow & flourish as we seek him, putting our faith & trust in him. 
  • Our Discipleship to Jesus: That as we follow him and prioritize his presence in our lives, we would be shaped into his image through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Church Growth: That the church would be an incredible example of God’s love to a world in crisis, courageously sharing the hope we have in Jesus, & that this would lead to many people turning to God.


  • Presidents & Governments: For wisdom, insight & understanding as they lead & make decisions at this time.
  • Medical and Economic Advisors: That they would help governments worldwide fight the virus & its effects on our world by issuing wise & sound advice as they make their recommendations to those in authority.
  • Business Leaders: For wisdom, innovation & generosity in their business practices as they respond to the pandemic & the impact it is having on the global economy. 


  • The Sick: That God would heal them.
  • The Vulnerable (Immune Compromised/ Pregnant/ Elderly): That God would protect them from the Coronavirus.
  • The Grieving: That God would comfort those who have lost loved ones.
  • The Poor & Those Financially Impacted: That God would provide for their needs.
  • Healthcare Workers: That God would protect & strengthen them.          
  • Families & Households: That our homes, marriages, relationships, parenting would not crack under pressure, but that instead would be full of God’s grace & love & the fruit of his Spirit.
  • The Lonely: That they would find community in this season & that others would be mindful of those who are alone showing them love at this time.
  • The Abused: That God would provide a safe space for them & would comfort them, bringing healing & restoration to their lives.


  • The Coronavirus: That it would be eradicated & that this pandemic would come to an end.
  • The Global Economy: That new businesses & ideas would come into fruition & that God would be glorified as the economy recovers & flourishes.
  • Our Journey with God: That we would remember all the ways that God has spoken to us & changed us during this time. That we would not go back to life as usual but that we would continue to look to Jesus, surrendering our lives to him as we follow him. 
  • New Followers of Jesus: That they would continue on in their relationship with him, even after the difficulties of the Coronavirus have faded. That the seeds of the Gospel would be deeply sown into their hearts & minds.
  • For the Decision Makers: That everyone who is carrying huge responsibilities & making decisions with long-term, far-reaching impact would know what to do, and make the right choices.
  • People Currently Under Great Pressure: That they would not experience burnout in the weeks and months ahead, but would be refreshed, healed, comforted & strengthened by God after this crisis abates.
  • For God’s Intervention: For answered prayers, miracles, supernatural intervention & help for different people & different needs around the world.