Harbour City at Home this Sunday

Hello Harbour City!

For many of us, the idea of meeting in homes to study the scriptures, pray, worship, take communion, and be the Church is not a new idea. We have taught on this from Acts 2v42-47 every year so far, and we practice this every week in our Life Group meetings.

But, meeting in homes for our Sunday Gatherings is new to all of us. As is watching a sermon on a screen, and doing all of the Sunday ministry ourselves. But, it is going to be our new normal for the next while.

Our hope, over the next couple of weeks, is that we would all grow as Disciples as we meet like this, and minister to one another at home. And, that a deep appreciation and longing for our all together Sunday Gatherings would grow in our hearts at the same time.

We’ve always said that The Church is not just an Event you attend, but a Family on Mission that you belong to. And at this time, we’ve got a real, forced opportunity to believe and practice what we preach.

Lastly, we want to ask you guys to keep meeting during our normal Sunday Morning meeting time over the next while:

  1. So that we don’t break the Habit that we’ve all developed of meeting together as a Church on Sundays at 10am.
  2. So that as we meet, we all know that the rest of the Harbour City family are also meeting in homes, and are praying, worshipping, and learning at the same time, along with you.


How to Run a Sunday Home Gathering:

Below are all of the resources you should need to facilitate meeting in your home tomorrow. For some of you, you will meet with your spouse and kids, or roommate, or a few friends. For some you might meet as a Life Group, or part of a Life Group. For others, you could even set up a Google Hangout or Voice Call with some friends to do the service while you practice Social Distancing or Self-Isolation.


Open in Prayer:

Pray and welcome the Holy Spirit, pray for your hearts to be open to this new way of doing things, pray that God would speak to you through His word, pray that God would use you to minister to one another. 


Worship Playlist:

For those of you who aren’t able to pull out your instruments and lead worship for yourselves at home, we’ve put together a worship playlist for you to use on Sunday morning:

King Of My Heart: 

Christ Is Enough:

Way Maker:


Kids Church Material:

Inside this link you’ll find a Kids Church Teaching Video, Worship Song Videos for younger and older kids, some Activity Sheets (that require printing) and some Questions to go through with our kids to disciple them through the message and meaning of Psalm 23.



Adults Sermon:

We’ve pushed pause on our current teaching series, and are partnering together as the Restored Family of Churches to produce a new teaching series to help us to be the Church and Follow Jesus in these uncertain times.



You may choose to take communion in your homes, discuss the sermon together, see if anyone has any prayer requests, or ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to minister to one another with His Gifts. Get creative with it.


Closing Prayer:

Father, you are our Good Shepherd.

Today, in the midst of uncertainty, the unknown, fear and anxiety, we come to you.

We bring both our feelings and our fears to you, and ask that your peace would guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. And that you would restore our souls.

Thank you for your Leadership, your Provision, your Protection and your Comfort. And I ask that we would each experience those different things in our lives, today and this week.

Help us to trust in you at this time, to know your voice, and to follow you.

And empower us to love our neighbours, who are also wrestling with these things, and to know how we can serve them well. We want to be your hands and feet in Durban at this time.