Church at Home (29 March)

Good Morning Harbour City!

Below are all the resources to facilitate Church at Home this morning. Before you start, grab some Grape Juice and Crackers, or Bread and Wine, or whatever you have available to be able to respond with Communion at the end of the service. Make some tea or coffee, get your Bibles, notebooks and pens, and let’s enjoy meeting together as a Church, scattered all around Durban this morning.


Open in Prayer:

Pray and welcome the Holy Spirit, pray for your hearts to be open to this new way of doing things, pray that God would speak to you through His word, pray that God would use you to minister to one another. 

Worship Playlist:

For those of you who aren’t able to pull out your instruments and lead worship for yourselves at home, we’ve put together a worship playlist for you to use on Sunday morning. Raise your voices, sing along, and let’s worship Jesus passionately in our homes this morning:

Raise a Hallelujah

For the sake of the World



Kids Church Material:

Inside this link you’ll find Kids Church Teaching Videos and Worship Song Videos for younger and older kids, to go through and to use to disciple them through the message and meaning of Matthew 14 and the passage on Jesus in the Storm.


Sunday Greeting:


Sunday Sermon:

We’ve pushed pause on our current teaching series, and are partnering together as the Restored Family of Churches to produce a new teaching series called Seek First to help us to be the Church and Follow Jesus in these uncertain times. Today, you’ll be hearing from our friend Tom Logue who leads Restored Temecula, with a really timely message for us all.



Take the Bread and the Wine, and respond with Communion, meditating on Jesus, and His authority, and His love for us. And the way He has already shown His love and commitment to us on the Cross. Meditate on the truths of the Gospel, and let them replace anything else that you have been meditating on consciously or subconsciously at this time.


Closing Prayer:

Jesus, you rule and reign over all things.

Today, in the midst of the storms we currently face, we come to you.

We pray that through this time, you would protect us, reveal to us who we are, and help us to see and know you more and more. Help us to worship you in the way you deserve, and fill our hearts with a deeper joy in knowing you.

We love you and ask you to fill our lives. In Jesus name.