Church at Home (5 April)

Good Morning Harbour City!

Below are resources to facilitate Church at Home this morning. Why not make some tea or coffee, get your Bibles, notebooks and pens, and open your heart to what God is wanting to do with us this morning.

Open in Prayer:

Pray and welcome the Holy Spirit, pray for your hearts to be open to what God would speak to you through His word, pray that God would use you to minister to one another. 


Worship Playlist:

For those of you who aren’t able to pull out your instruments and lead worship for yourselves at home, we’ve put together a worship playlist for you to use on Sunday morning.

Raise your voices, sing along, and let’s worship Jesus passionately in our homes this morning:

Our God:
Good Good Father:
Do It Again:


Kids Church Material:

Inside this link you’ll find Kids Church Teaching Videos and Worship Song Video links for younger and older kids to go through. There are also some worksheets to use to have fun with your kids and disciple them through the message this morning. We hope each of you are having fun teaching your kids the scriptures, praying with them and helping them to grow as little disciples of Jesus:

Kids Teaching, Worship and Activities Link


Easter 2020:

We’re really sad that we can’t meet together for Easter this year. But, we’re really excited by the opportunity Easter in lockdown gives all of us as a Church. Click the link below to find out our plans to share the gospel with more people than ever before this week.

Jesus Changed My Life (Easter 2020)

Sunday Greeting:

Loving our City in Lockdown

Sunday Sermon:

This morning our friend Danny Quimlat from Restored South Bay is teaching, and has a brilliant message for us on loving our neighbours. This is such a relevant topic for all of us at the moment, and we know it will minister to all of us in different and significant ways.


Take a moment to think through the passage that has just been taught. And ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything He is saying to you, and anything He is asking of you.

How are you going to respond to what God is saying this morning?


Closing Prayer:

Jesus, thank you for the way that you have loved us.

Even now, we pray that you will fill our hearts and minds with a sense of this love. And that you would empower us and show us how to love people in the same selfless, unconditional, and generous way that you have loved us, both during this time of lockdown, and as we come out of it.

Reveal the areas of our hearts that are unloving, where we are like the religious leaders in the passage, and help us to become more like you.