Church at Home (7 June)

Good Morning Harbour City!

Why not make some tea or coffee, get your Bibles and notebooks, and open your heart to what God is wanting to say to us to us this morning?

Open in Prayer:

Pray for your heart to be open to what God is wanting to say to you this morning.

Kids Church:

Inside this link you’ll find resources to use to have fun with younger and older kids, and to help them to grow as little disciples of Jesus.


For those of you who aren’t able to pull out your instruments and lead worship for yourselves at home, we’ve got live worship from 10am here, or in the link below, where you can join with the rest of the Harbour City family as we sing and enjoy Jesus together.

Sermon Video:


How is the the Holy Spirit speaking to you from the message this morning?

How do you need to respond?


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For those thinking about ways that we can Love our Neighbours, both inside and outside of Harbour City, you can find details here.