How to Abide: The Daily Office

Adapted from work by Peter Scazzero, Tim Keller and John Mark Comer

The Daily Office Prayer is a time to Stop, Slow Down, Be Still, and Pause to be with Jesus. Our goal is to create an ongoing and easy familiarity with God’s Presence throughout each day. 

Start modestly, beginning with one prayer before trying to do all of them regularly. Otherwise you risk getting discouraged and giving up entirely. Start slowly. The goal is abiding in Jesus, not ticking boxes.

Notice the silence at the beginning and conclusion of each time of prayer. This is an important time to get free of distraction, focus on God, and make space to hear from Him rather than the competing messages we are often bombarded with throughout each day. Close your eyes. Be present, open and awake. Don’t hurry! When you are alone, if God leads you to pause at a certain phrase or verse stay with that. Less can be more. 

MORNING PRAYER:                                      

1.Silence and Stillness (2-3 minutes)

2. Bible Reading

3. Meditate on the Passage and its Meaning

4. Pray: Respond to God in prayer by speaking to Him about what stood out to you from this passage this morning.

5. Listen: What is the Holy Spirit saying to you this morning?

6. Apply: What are you going to do in response to what God is saying to you from the text and by the Spirit?

7. Free Prayer for Yourself and Others 

8. Devote your Day to God and His Purposes

9. Conclude with Silence (2-3 mins) 


1.Silence and Stillness (2-3 minutes)

2. Free Prayer for the Challenges and Realities of the Day

3. Conclude with Silence (2-3 minutes)


  1. Silence and Stillness (2-3 minutes) 
  2. Self-Examination:
  • REPLAY: What happened today?
  • REJOICE: Where did I feel grace today and where was God particularly present?
  • REPENT: Where did I sin today? Or rely on myself rather than God? Or not love God or neighbour?
  • RESOLVE: To live differently tomorrow. 

3. Free Prayer for Yourself and Others

4. Conclude with Silence (2-3 minutes)