Bible 101 Resources

As we journey through our EAT THIS BOOK series, we wanted to give you some resources and tools to help you to further engage with the scriptures, wherever you are new to the Bible, or have been reading it for years.

Below you will find resources that help you to know what the Bible is and how to read it. And resources to help you understand how the Bible came together, and some of the history and reliability behind the scriptures being the word of God.

There are also links to actual free apps, tools and reading plans to begin to read it for yourself, or to take your reading and study deeper.

Bible Resources from The Bible Project:

We’d recommend that you start here. This page contains a bunch of videos and articles to help you better understand and engage with scripture on your own, or with a group:

What is the Bible:

Where Did the Bible Come from:

Textual Criticism Video:

Getting Started:

Although we would recommend buying an actual, non-digital Bible for yourself as you read and pray. There are a bunch of free Bible Apps and Reading Plans available for you to use to engage with God through scriptures. Which you can access right now:

A Printable Reading Plan: